'Sunshine' in the process – to underpin our democracy

Concord Select Board 2021 – a citizen review, one instance

The Select Board meeting August 16, 2021 included a review of the Town Manager by the group to which he reports, of course the Select Board. Another matter that evening, the appointment of a committee, occasioned a review one level up, of the Select Board, by a member of the group to which it reports – the citizens of Concord.

A failure of adequate open discussion, by the Select Board, lead among others to a false conclusion being effectively incorporated into appointments to the new committee. The full review below details other problems that also arose because the Select Board did not discuss adequately, openly.

We are most appreciative for the seriously hard work our Select Board gives to us for our common governance. We the people, who in the end in a democracy are the 'government,' will appreciate the Select Board redoubling its effort, as our duly elected representatives. To ensure that reliably there is open deliberation for consequential matters.

Below, find the review, sent to the Select Board at the time. If you like, you can download the email itself here.