Leaks? – they’re criminal. Oh wait ... Wikileaks is ‘great’!

By mid-February, not a month into the so-called presidency, the intelligence community is beseiging Trump. He earlier roundly trashed them – payback time. Leaks have now put Flynn under a microscope, leading to his ejection from the administration (Trump thinks that's “so unfair ...”)

What could – however – bring down the so-called presidency are the revelations in the leaks, that the “Trump campaign was in constant contact with the Rusians during the election.” When the Russians were assiduously at upending Clinton with their hacking.

That could be treason. In the video here: Trump in his love-hate relationship with leaks. Thanks indeed to HuffPost for the compilation.

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“The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child

The Washington Post, Jan 26 2017 – permalink:hhttp://wpo.st/49AX2

“In his first major TV interview as president, Trump is obsessed with his popularity

The Washington Post, Jan 26 2017 – permalink:http://wpo.st/pOEX2

“Trump just gave a remarkable new interview. Here’s a tally of all his lies.”

The Washington Post, Jan 26 2017 – permalink:http://wpo.st/nREX2

Trump becoming a laughing stock ...?

Newspaper headlines are beginning almost to mock the Trump pathology. Where does this go ...?

A further Washingtom Post opinion piece even worries that “the president of the United States is barking mad.” With disturbing evidence.

“Trump ‘may not be able to tell fact from fiction.' ” The piece speculates that “... he can’t ‘separate what he wants to believe and what exists.’ ”

... it seems so.

Here is the video from the interview, the middle headline above. Annotated by WaPo with what can only be described as, at times, excruciating, revealing commentary ...

[ How to watch? To focus on the annotations, mute the audio. You can skip on to the piece itself after 15 seconds. To prevent a repeat of the video, reload the page. ]


And for good measure? Here is the White House on the dire threat to our national security posed by a five year old ...

The extended text, reporting the ‘threat,’ removes any doubt just which five year old the press themselves have in mind, to menace our national wellbeing.

And here is Sam Waterson, in the WaPo, discussing directly Trump's constant lying.

“With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift”

“President Trump used his first full day in office ...falsely accusing journalists of both inventing a rift between him and intelligence agencies and deliberately understating the size of his inauguration crowd.

“In a visit to the Central Intelligence Agency intended to showcase his support for the intelligence community, Mr. Trump ignored his own repeated public statements criticizing the intelligence community, a group he compared to Nazis just over a week ago.

“He also called journalists ‘among the most dishonest human beings on earth,’ and he said that up to 1.5 million people had attended his inauguration, a claim that photographs disproved.”

NY Times, Jan 22 2017 – permalink: https://nyti.ms/2kdmHiy

Trump, the new president: "False"
– The New York Times

The New York Times calls the new president, on his first full day in office, “false” – in more direct words, a liar. Twice. In a headline. Above the fold, the front page.

Or, here is a Jan 24 NY Times story with "Trump ... lie" in its headline.

We are in new territory. And the Fourth Estate finally gets down to doing its job.

The Women's March ‘trumps’

Just one day into his term as president, Trump has gone on the attack against the press – a fight he is destined to lose. In this case, the NY Times, among others and as above, bluntly caught him out in his lie trying to puff up attendance at his inauguration.

Here we have the Women's March driving home the point with most dramatically greater participation in their protest against Trump, just the day after the inauguration. In fact, with marches all over the country, pretty clearly millions, if not several millions, showed up to protest Trump – that is many, many times the number who showed up the day before.

As footnote, the press en masse took on Trump. The final straw seemed to be Trump's press secretary daring to suppose he would shut them down, himself lying egregiously in the process.

Linked here is a rundown just how fearsome was that widespread presss blowback on Trump. And here is a review and litany of the numerous verifiable Trump administration lies the first weekend.

“Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times as Many People as Trump’s Inauguration

NY Times, Jan 22 2017 – permalink: https://nyti.ms/2keGn5N

credited: Composite image by Joe Ward based on video from Urdu Voice of America

pre-inauguration —

Hope, and action – pre sunrise

What is to be done?

five pages

An autopsy – post mortem

Why, how the election
November 8, 2016

five pages

Be worthy of ourselves, reject Trump

In a Guest Commentary for the Concord Journal, October 20, 2016, Linda McConchie has put – inimitably – how Concord can speak this election.

Her words are worth reading fully.


Adobe pdf
The Commentary in a pdf, with text selectable
  • Reject Trump – Commentary
  • Reject Trump - second page

Ana Navarro and
the p word

CNN and Don Lemon's late night produced a remarkably to-the-point exchange. Ana Navarro – a Republican – finally dived bluntly into what we all had been waiting for:  a direct confrontation over Trump's wholly / totally / completely unacceptable persona. Period.

Here is the Miami Herald on Ana. More on Ana here.

Much thanks to the HuffPost for making the video accessible – and for its accompanying Grieg / Peer Gynt score.

From 42 minutes after midnight of the Friday Trump bombshell, Oct 7 2016.

Notice that you can go full screen with the control lower right. Want to see it again? Just 'reload' the whole page.

A longer verson of the video is here.

Samantha Bee – the whole thing

Samantha Bee, on her Full Frontal, may have put the best 'wrap' on it. She shows the whole tawdry thing – the blockbuster tape, Trump's robotic 'apology,' et al., with of course commentary interspersed. But then she reveals the 'PR firm' of Ailes, Cosby, Polanski and Gibson, who may have a friend on the bench ... Clarence Thomas is pictured. But that is all build-up to:  her 'vagina monologue.'

A major treat, a blockbuster takedown. Let's hear it for the 'Bee' sting!


Again, full screen is available, to see again reload the page.

Trump lies, most prodigiously ... like (would-be) tinpot dictators from history

David Leonhardt, of the New York Times, has had the fortitude actually to compile some lists of Trump's lies – a breathtaking 20 lies in the second debate alone is the example here. In the ninety-minute debate, that comes out to Trump spewing lies at the rate of a lie every four and a half minutes. Serious derangement – a threatening psychological disorder warranting professional care.

The links, confirming each of the lies, are clickable in the pdf itself. Go there via the downloadble pdf link.

(If you open the pdf in your browser, rather than download it:

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  • Trump lies - second debate
  • Trump lies - second debate – page 2
Adobe pdf
Click the links in this pdf to confirm the lies

... speaking of tinpot

Trump – now repeatedly – has repudiated democratic bedrock. Like so many totalitarians from the past, he would jail his political opponent, if he could just squirm his way into office.

Nothing is more corrosive to democratic order than trashing the bedrock principle of peaceful succession in an election. Democratic succession welcomes political opponents, after the election, and begins to bring the polity back together.

History is replete with despots whom Trump now wants to join and incarcerate opponents after an election.

Can't polish this turd

Immediately after the third debate, Van Jones, a CNN commentator, injected a moment of comic relief. We reflexively laughed – but nothing was funny, actually.

Just the opposite. Instead we wring our hands in horror. As Trump the would-be despot tries to trash our democracy, by claiming he is the only legitimate candidate for election.

Time for the pitchforks to come out.


Slatest (for which, thanks) explores the origins of this leitmotif.

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Jon Stewart's Twitter Fight with Donald Trump

at Stand Up For Heroes, 11/1/16

As of this posting, less than three days after the event itself, this viral video has already been viewed, on youtube, more than one and a half million times ... and growing at the rate, on the third day, of over a quarter of a million views in less than half a day!

Enjoy! Jon Stewart as good as he comes.


The usual youtube controls, for full scrreen and replay. (Pretty clearly this was shot from someone's phone.)

Ben Carson abandons any credibilty

If in fact he has not done so long ago, with earlier truly crackpot pronouncements ...

In this brief clip, Carson mananges first to reveal himself an an entitled bully who should be allowed, with an impeirous tone, to squelch a female. Blocked from committing that affront, he then proceeds to announce that assaulting a female 'doesn't matter.'

Goodbye, Ben. We hoped ye might at least have not utterly soiled your supposed moral self ...


Thanks to Slate and MSNBC.

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Federal judge: Florida "obscene" !

The story, to the left (or above, on a mobile device), speaks for itself.

In the process of excoriating Florida Republicans for trying to suppress the vote, federal judge Mark Walker gave us some classic lines:

  • On the Florida law passed by Republicans: "... applying the [Florida] law … would entail ... taking as many as 23,000 ballots … and throwing them in the trash like dirty tissue …"
  • Regarding the (Republican) Florida Secretary of State’s computers:
    “Apparently, [they] do not possess the same ‘cut and paste’ function found on most computers.”
  • "... it would appear that the Florida Secretary of State requested as much time as he felt he could possibly justify so that he could ... run out the clock."
  • "This undeclared war on Floridians’ right to vote is even more egregious considering that the Florida Secretary of State’s stated mission is to 'protect democracy through the oversight of fair and accurate elections.' ”
  • "… the State of Florida has categorically disenfranchised thousands of voters arguably for no reason other than they have poor handwriting or their handwriting has changed over time."
  • "... this case is about the precious and fundamental right to vote and to have one’s vote counted. In our democracy, those who vote decide everything; those who count the vote decide nothing. Justice Stewart once quipped, in reference to pornography, 'I know it when I see it …' Likewise, this Court knows disenfranchisement when it sees it and it is obscene."

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Postscript II
Federal judge: North
Carolina's “insane” Jim Crow voter suppression

Now North Carolina is at it.

A rigged election? Just who is rigging?! Now in two battleground states – two key, pivotal states – Republicans have been caught with their thumb on the scale.

Can't win on the merits? Then they try to block legitimate voters and rig the election. A woman 100 years old, in one case we see ... shame!

Of course all the interludes – depicted earlier above – illustrate just how sadly bleak is the GOP candidate's merit.

Wise up. Have the judgment to reject bullying narcissists.

Bring forth a candidate who doesn't constantly lie, even many times an hour, utterly vitiating any possibility for trust. Who doesn't trash our democracy with authoritarian bombast. But most of all, someone who does treat everyone – most especially women – with respect.

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jssor.com – thanks.

And now for some news with uplift

News with hope – hope that the right leadership can help lift us up, out of the morass into which we have so woefully fallen. Out of the completely unacceptable public discourse.

The president, Barack Obama, shows the way. When a Trump protestor appears, and the crowd tries to silence him, the President leads the way, to respect.

That way lies our salvation, an America that has not lost its marbles, that does know the path to a community standing tall.

Then, just to illustrate how far we have yet to rise:

Trump subsequently lies outrageously, trying to say the President was 'screaming at the protester.' Of course you can see yourself the absurd, childish liar that Trump is. CNN has done a side-by-side comparison video, leaving Trump only in his shame . To see the side-by-side exposé, go here.


So, you are a Republican, and you began to think about 'coming home' to Donald Trump, after the FBI seemed to say it may re-open a case against Hillary.

Despite that the email question has been 'trumped' up, when it doesn't amount to a hill of beans – Trump is laughably grotesque when he tries to twist it into the 'greatest crime ever' ...

You are about to be 'trumped,' despite all the most egregious pustules that the page above brings down on Trump's head (want an actual count? see Seth Meyers enumerate them, next).

Well, think again. The FBI has just said "nothing there, move along, nothing to see."


from Sunday November 6, 2016
two days before the election

Now, we choose

Seth Meyers, much beloved of SNL, now with his own Late Night, has laid out the choice for us. He even-handedly compares Hillary and the Donald ...

You choose.

And we go out with smiles.


from November 2, 2016