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The Citizen petition case – videos

At Concord's Special Town Meeting November 7 2011, the Selectmen roused anger when they castigated Phebe Ham's bringing a petition article. Town Meeting then formally rejected the Selectmen's action by roundly voting in the article. At the regular Selectmen's meeting December 5, a citizen sought consideration of the issues raised.

Eight citizens chose to comment at that meeting. We begin this installment on Citizen petitions with those citizen comments, then the Selectmen's initial discussion.

Citizen comments

To make the citizen comment video a bit more accessible, it is in two tranches. To play back, click each link below.

  • The first video: The four citizens commenting are, in order, Dorrie Kehoe, Eric Van Loon (the Town Moderator), Connie Levine, and Tanya Bartevyan.
  • The second video: The second four citizens commenting are David Allen, David Stephens, Ray Hanselman, and Gizella Moon.

Selectmen discussion

The Selectmen discussed citizen petitions both before and after the citizen comments. Click this video link for the BoS discussion pre-citizen comments. [The video for the BoS discussion post-comments has so far proved balkiy – if the problem is corrected, that video will also be posted here.]